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Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was your business. Whether it’s a corporation with a national or global reach, a regional family-owned business which has grown from generation to generation, or an independently-owned one which serves its surrounding community, building a business takes a commitment of time and funds, and unwavering dedication.

As an independently-owned company, which was itself built over time through the steadfast commitment of a team of devoted employee’s, Telamon Insurance understands just how important your business is, and how crucial it is to fully protect it. We offer comprehensive business options with an array of types of coverage which are tailored to fit the specific needs of your business. From its physical location and equipment, to intellectual property, to the people you employ, we will work with you in determining what type of coverage – and how much of it – your business needs to ensure every facet of it is completely safeguarded.

With the industry’s brightest professionals on the team at Telamon Insurance, and strong relationships with more than 70 carriers, working with us means you’ll always receive incomparable customer service paired with competitive rates.


Personal Insurance

You’ve taken your job seriously, working tirelessly for years – even decades – to build a life and a lifestyle. The family you cherish, and the home you’d always dreamed of, maybe even a vintage sports car, all need protection. Helping you protect everything for which you’ve worked so hard? That’s our job. Telamon Insurance & Financial Network is not a global corporation. We are not a company that you know only through the monthly invoices you receive, or the faceless voice on the end of a toll-free number with whom you rarely speak. What we are is an independently-owned insurance and financial services company based in Massachusetts; an actual brick-and-mortar business filled with highly-skilled employees whom you will come to know by name and trust implicitly. Should the time come that you need to file a claim, you and your family can rest assured that it will be handled expertly and efficiently. As you begin to work with the team at Telamon, we’ll take the time to get to know you and fully understand your personal insurance needs. Over our many years in business, we have come to find that by carefully reviewing insurance coverage, costs can be reduced without compromising coverage.

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