Vela: Miscellaneous Professional Liability – General Liability

By Ariana Ramos | SVP Business Development


Vela: Miscellaneous Professional Liability – General Liability


Discover General Liability coverage for the same classes included in Vela’s Miscellaneous Professional Liability (PL) insurance. Vela offers excess and surplus lines insurance solutions through an exclusive network of wholesale brokers specializing in various market segments. Obtain General Liability coverage for a diverse range of classes, including but not limited to Advertising Agencies, Associations, Auctioneers, Billing Services, Bookkeepers, Claims Adjusters, Collection Agencies, Court Reporters, Custom Software Developers, Energy Consultants, and more.

Coverage Limits:
Vela can provide maximum limits of:

  • $1 Million Maximum Each Occurrence
  • $2 Million Maximum General Aggregate


Minimum Premium:
$750 (Applies to select classes)

Minimum Deductible:
$2,500 Per Claim (Applies to select classes)

Discover how Vela ensures comprehensive protection for these specialized professions with flexible coverage options.


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