Help Desk

Client Care Team

Ashlee Berghuys

Associate Account Executive, Team Leader, Client Care 617-614-1227

Tori Schryver

Senior Support Specialist, Client Care 617-614-1295

Madison Waldo

Associate Account Executive, Client Care 617-614-1265

Annie Monforte

Senior Associate Account Executive, Client Care 617-614-1217

Connor Powers

Senior Support Specialist, Client Care 617-614-1263

Chelsea White

Support Specialist, Client Care 617-614-1251

Laura Dellorco

Support Specialist, Client Care 617-614-1290

Sarah Armstrong

Support Specialist, Client Care 617-614-1256
Field Marketing Team

Ariana Ramos


Sarah Castillo

Marketing and Placement 617-614-1220

Tricia Ducey

Senior Account 617-614-1248

Elizabeth Beauchamp

Senior Account 617-614-1223

Ruth Dowling

Senior Account 617-614-1274

Nancy Sleek

Senior Account 617-614-1207
Personal Underwriting Team

Kate Gold

Senior Account 617-614-1241

Meaghan Caveney

Senior Account 617-614-1252

Sarah McConarty

Account 617-614-1282
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