We promise to give you a quick quotation when you send us a complete application. We will do our best, but incomplete applications often add time to the process. The more complete your submission is, the better. We encourage you to keep your submissions coming.

Items Needed For:

  1. Business owner’s policies/package policies – items needed
  2. Commercial auto policies – items needed
  3. Workers compensation policies – items needed
  4. Excess liability/umbrella policies – items needed
  5. Homeowners – items needed

For the timeliest response, please follow the instructions below.

  1. A fully completed ACORD Application, sign and dated by the insured as required
  2. Expiring Premiums
  3. Target Premiums
  4. Loss Runs – At least three years of currently valued loss runs
  5. Make Note of the Time It’s Due

Business owner’s policies/package policies – Items Needed
  • Mailing & all location addresses
  • Years in Business, if new to owning, identify years of experience relating to the business.
  • Business Description (what the insured does for ops, provide an email address or brochures)
  • Expiring carrier info with premiums
  • Property/GL coverage desired (ex: Contents, or if specific GL limits indicate on application)
  • For property: Construction, # of Stories, Year Built, Square Footage of Building, Square Footage occupied by
  • insured if not sole occupant, and if so other occupants in building.
  • Last or latest updates on building (wiring, roofing, plumbing, heating)
  • Surrounding exposures
  • Burglar/Fire Alarm – local or central station? If central station, monitored by whom?
  • For GL: sales & payroll (broken down per location), # of employees (broken down between full and part time

Commercial auto policies – items needed
  • Limits desired
  • All drivers with DOB and license # and MA MVR’s.
  • For out of state drivers, something similar to a motor vehicle report which shows their driving record includes
  • their license # and state licensed.
  • Year, make, model, VIN # of vehicle and plate #
  • Vehicle(s) garaging location
  • GVW and location
  • Vehicle(s) use

Workers compensation policies – items needed
  • Name, location/mail address, years in business, type of business, fed-id#
  • Limits
  • Class of business with class code, state, # of employees for each and payroll
  • Experience mod worksheet – If applicable

Excess liability/umbrella policies – items needed
  • Supplemental application supplied to the underlying carrier along with copy of underlying declarations and terms and conditions
  • Detailed description of each named insured
  • The latest 5 year currently valued hard copy loss runs for the primary GL and Auto Liability
  • Number of vehicles by class (i.e. Light Truck), radius (Local, Intermediate, Long Haul) and use (i.e. Delivery Truck, Car of Company Officer)
  • Workers Comp information including declarations page, limits, and payrolls with classifications
  • Products brochures or location of insured’s website (if applicable)
  • Does the agent control the account? Desired pricing limits and coverage.

Homeowners – items needed
  • Social security # of owner
  • Date of birth of owner