Telamon 2022 Kickoff Event Recap

By Kaleena Murray | Chief Culture Officer



Connection is a priority for us – with each other, with our customers, with our culture. Our Kickoff is always a special event for us every year, an experience we take very seriously. It’s a chance for us to come together, reflect on what we learned the year prior, and set the stage for the year ahead. COVID has challenged us to cultivate connections in creative and intentional ways over the last 2 years. This year’s kickoff was back in person, and well, it was pretty magical.

We kicked the afternoon off with personalized badges and belonging buttons that helped us facilitate unique and personalconversations with each other, connecting us in new ways. We know that when we deepen our relationships, when we amplify each other, when we are contributers.. we are better together, and we show up in exceptional ways for our customers.



Deep relationships with our team members are just one of the critical components that drive the way we advocate and serve our clients

In an environment that cultivates belonging, growth, and community, we build stronger teams that collaborate, function cohesively, and lead with a solution-focused mindset to make our customers complex simple.

Our shared values dictate our day-to-day behaviors and ways of working, the heart of any customer experience.

When we take care of each other, when we take care of our culture, our customers feel that.