Rental Property Insurance Wholesaler

What can a rental property insurance wholesaler do for insurance agencies?

Rental property insurance provides affordable coverage for smaller rental properties, usually guarding against both liability and property perils. Working with a rental property insurance wholesaler can help agencies gain clients who have rental properties that need insuring, and likely need other insurance policies too.

Rental property insurance policies offer custom protections for single-family homes and other rental properties. Coverage needs can vary, so it’s important for agencies to work with a rental property insurance wholesaler that has multiple options.

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Rental Property Insurance Wholesaler

What types of investors purchase rental property insurance?

Individuals, partnerships and businesses with smaller residential properties may need rental property insurance. This mainly insures properties with 1-4 units, such as single-family homes, townhomes, condominiums, duplexes, triplexes and fourplexes.

By offering rental property insurance, agencies can reach individuals who have sizeable assets that need protecting. Landlords frequently need multiple coverages for their rental properties, and they tend to have above-average personal coverage news. Some have other businesses to insure as well.

Policies covering residential income properties with 5+ units are normally termed apartment building policies or something similar These are generally distinct from policies insuring single-family homes and smaller multi-units.

What does rental property insurance cover?

Rental property policies normally help protect both properties and landlords. Some coverages that clients often want include:

  • General Liability Coverage: Might cover landlords against lawsuits related to basic accidents occurring at a rental property.
  • Dwelling Coverage: Might cover the principal buildings and additional structures on a rental property against various perils.
  • Landlord Contents Coverage: Might cover items at a rental property against damage or loss. Could cover items such as lawnmowers, appliances, and furniture for furnished units.
  • Loss of Income Coverage: Might cover the temporary loss of rental income if a property becomes uninhabitable due to a covered disaster.
  • Rent Guarantee Coverage: Might cover landlords against lost rental income caused by tenants’ failure or inability to pay rent.
  • Legal Assistance Coverage: Might cover various legal expenses unrelated to liability suits, such as attorney fees during proceedings for judgments or evictions.


Ultimately, each landlord will have their own needs for insurance coverage. Working with an insurance wholesaler that has flexible rental property policy options allows agencies to offer highly customizable policy options.

Rental Property Insurance Wholesaler

What other coverages can agencies offer alongside rental property insurance?

The landlords that have rental properties frequently have several additional insurance needs. Agencies might also interest these clients in:

  • Commercial umbrella coverage
  • Commercial auto coverage
  • Equipment breakdown coverage
  • Homeowners insurance (for individual landlords)
  • Personal auto insurance (for individual landlords)


Since many individual landlords are fairly affluent, they sometimes also need vacation home insurance, boat insurance, RV insurance, ATV insurance or similar policies. Agencies should be prepared to help landlords with these, as individual landlords frequently want to work with a single insurance agency.

How much are premiums for rental property policies?

The premiums charged for rental property policies vary, but they renew since most landlords don’t sell their rentals too often. Additionally, many landlords have multiple rentals and/or intent to acquire more. These factors may lead to notable and sustained commissions.

Where can independent insurance agencies find a rental property insurance wholesaler?

If you want to speak with a rental property insurance wholesaler, get in touch with us at Telamon Insurance. Our dedicated team can help with a variety of investment property

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