Office Building Insurance Wholesaler

What can an office building insurance wholesaler do for insurance agencies?

Office building insurance provides crucial protections for offices. Policies may protect a building against fire, weather damage, vandalism, and other covered perils. Working with an office building insurance wholesaler can help agencies market to investors who own and lease office spaces.

Office building insurance provides specialized protections for office spaces. Working with an office building insurance wholesaler who has many options, lets agencies meet clients’ varied needs.

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Office Building Insurance Wholesaler

What types of property owners purchase office building insurance?

Anyone who owns an office building probably needs office building insurance. Businesses that own their own space often purchase policies, as do investors who lease out office space.

In many cases, meeting the insurance needs of an office building owner can lead to selling other policies as well. A business that owns its building likely has other coverage needs related to its operations. Any office building owner might recommend an insurance agency to the tenants leasing space in the building.

What does office building insurance cover?

The coverage options that these insurance policies offer can vary, and so too can the perils that building owners need protection against. Working with a specialized wholesaler helps ensure that an agency is able to match the right policy with a building owner’s needs.

In general, agencies will find that office building policies give protections such as the following: 

  • Commercial Property Coverage: Might insure an office building, and possibly other structures on the property.
  • Commercial Contents Coverage: Might insure the building owner’s equipment, fixtures, and supplies that are on the property.
  • Boiler and Machinery Coverage: Might insure major equipment, such as furnaces and air conditioners, against breakdowns.
  • Sewer and Drain Coverage: Might insure against damages resulting from plumbing issues within the building.
  • General Liability Coverage: Might insure against slip-and-fall accidents occurring in or around the building.
  • Umbrella Coverage: Might give secondary insurance in case of an expensive liability lawsuit.

A wholesaler that has broad market access may have access to additional, less common protections that building owners might want.

Office Building Insurance Wholesaler

What types of office buildings can office building policies insure?

Office building policies are available for most types of office buildings. Policies may cover large or small buildings. They may insure standard office buildings, mixed-use buildings, business parks, medical office buildings, government buildings, and more.

By working with a wholesaler who has many options, agencies should be able to recommend policies for the various different types of office buildings that clients have.

What other coverages can insurance agencies recommend to office building owners?

Office building owners might be interested in any number of other commercial insurance coverages. 

Building owners may need flood insurance or earthquake insurance, depending on where an office building is located. They could also want employment practices liability insurance, cyber liability insurance, and workers compensation insurance for building-specific operations.

In addition to these, owners or tenants could need any number of industry-specific policies. Businesses with offices in the building might want anything from IT consultant insurance to medical malpractice insurance, depending on what they do.

Where can insurance agencies find an office building insurance wholesaler?

A specialist wholesaler will have expertise and market access that allows agencies to set themselves apart. By selecting from many of the best policies, agencies can find specific policies that meet their client’s individual needs coverage needs. To speak with an office building insurance wholesaler, reach out to Telamon. We’ll make sure you find policies that’ll give your clients robust coverages for their office buildings, and at competitive rates.

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