Nautilus’ Light Brokerage Shines the Light on Tough-to-Place Risks

By Ariana Ramos | SVP Business Development


Nautilus’ Light Brokerage Shines the Light on Tough-to-Place Risks


Nautilus’ Light Brokerage shines the light on tough-to-place risks. Each risk is underwritten in-house by our experienced staff. If your insured falls outside traditional binding market appetites, we can help!

Light Brokerage target classes are in the spotlight!



  • Antenna installation/service/repair contractors, flexible height limitation, $15K MP.
  • Boiler Inspection and repair
  • Boring contractors including cable installation
  • Bridge contractors (no work over four stories, no structural or suspension operations)
  • Commercial window or glass work, up to six stories
  • Demolition contractors
  • Drilling contractors (no oil or gas)
  • Elevator and escalator repair
  • Fire suppression, sprinkler, extinguisher contractors – $7500 MP
  • Gas or sewer main work
  • HVAC Contractors working at height
  • Irrigation or drainage systems
  • Plumbing including specialized work and methods
  • Pressure washing and sandblasting (items outside of bind appetite or height exposures)
  • Refrigeration installation and maintenance, ammonia refrigeration closely underwritten
  • Roofing contractors, up to six stories and 50% hot tar work – $10K MP
  • Street and road contractors
  • Structural metal work
  • Structural movers, $30K MP



  • Automotive detailing and wrapping
  • Billboards at height, flexible height limitations.
  • Consulting operations, industrial workflow, efficiency oriented (no safety consultants)
  • Electroplating
  • Equipment rental, scissor lifts acceptable
  • Feed, Grain or Hay Dealers
  • Heavy auto repair (no school bus exposure)
  • Hood and duct cleaning – $7500 MP
  • LPG refill and distributors, no gasoline operations
  • Machinery equipment service/installation/repair (cranes, conveyors, construction equipment)
  • Mining – surface only
  • Right-of-way clearing and tree trimming
  • Tire dealers and distributers, No retreading or recapping
  • Water companies
  • Welding (frame and hitch, structural)
  • Window washing up to 20 stories



  • Breweries, distilleries, and wineries with on-site consumption or tasting rooms (excluding liquor liability)
  • Restaurants, bars, and taverns that fall outside of bind appetite (excluding liquor liability



  • Buildings with long-term vacancy exposure
  • Senior living (no assisted living, medical care, pull cords or hospice exposure)
  • Supermarkets, elevated sales acceptable



  • Auto Parts manufacturing (operating and non-operating that falls outside of bind appetite)
  • Consumer goods manufacturing
  • Cosmetics manufacturing
  • Electrical equipment manufacturing
  • Emerging markets; 3D printing, sharing economy
  • Foundries
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Industrial goods manufacturing
  • Machinery and Equipment dealers and manufacturing
  • Mobile home manufacturing
  • Rubber and plastics manufacturing, injection or raw material target.
  • Solar manufacturing, maintenance and installation
  • Sporting goods products, no helmets, firearms, or ammunition
  • Trailer and hitch manufacturing


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