By Ariana Ramos | SVP Business Development

Nautilus – Coverage for Tree Trimmers

Nautilus specializes in insuring low- to moderate-hazard risks that can be written monoline or packaged with other lines of business. Nautilus offers a competitive product in a wide variety of classes, which can be enhanced with their broad scope of extension endorsements and optional coverages available, like their coverage for Tree Trimmers and Arborists.

These operations involve the care of trees such as, but not limited to the removal of dead, dangerous or unwanted branches, trimming for beautification purposes, the various methods of applying fertilizers, pesticides, and fungicides, the care of damaged or diseased trees, as well as incidental chipping and removal of fallen branches, stumps and other debris.

Coverage is Available for Specialty Contractors Performing:

  • Pruning
  • Trimming
  • Stump
  • Grinding & Removal
  • Ground Pesticide or Herbicide Application

Features and Highlights

Subject to Additional Insureds and Optional Endorsements guidelines, the following coverages can be included for no charge:

  • Blanket Additional Insured Coverage (without Completed Operations)
  • Blanket Waiver of Transfer of Rights Against Others to Us
  • Construction Project General Aggregate Limit When Required by Contract & $5m Maximum Per Policy General Aggregate Limit

Non-structural Limited Pesticide or Herbicide Applicator Coverage available for ground application services provided for residential and small commercial customers.


  • Dusting
  • Spraying or fumigating of crops
  • Firefighting operations including tree trimming, pruning, brush clearing or land clearing for the purpose of fire mitigation
  • Highway tree trimming, pruning, cutting or removal operations, to include freeways & right of way
  • Orchard or Vineyard Management Services
  • Risks performing tree trimming, pruning, cutting or removal for railroads
  • Snow or ice removal contractors
  • Tree girdling
  • Tree grafting
Nautilus is a leading U.S. Commercial Excess and Surplus (E&S) Lines insurance provider, specializing in the high-volume, small-premium market.

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