In-House Claims Management

Our In-House Claims Management is a centralized claims processing center that ensures all open claims are monitored, tracked and settled in a timely, efficient, and consistent manner.

With the help of monthly loss run reviews from the insurance companies, Telamon is able to address claims issues immediately, working closely with all parties to achieve a swift resolution.

Reporting Guidelines

Workers’ Compensation Claims:

In order to expedite the claims handling, please call your carrier directly to file first report of injury.

All Other claims:

Contact Client Care Team:

Additional Forms may be applicable…

To ensure that claims are processed with all the necessary information, please fill out the following forms when applicable. Example:

First Report of injury or fatality
MA Crash Report

Click the Application Search button on the bottom of screen to search for additional forms.

Please email or fax your completed report to 617-243-7555

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