Congratulations to the Inaugural Class of Telamon Leadership Academy!

This past month we celebrated with  Patrick Connelly and Lauren Wiggin as they completed their 3-year participation Telamon Leadership Academy. Their dedication to the organization and their own personal growth was astonishing and we are eager to see how their leadership skills continue to develop their careers and contribute to the overall success of Telamon!

What is Telamon Leadership Academy? TLA is an exciting and unique professional development opportunity that makes up a 3-year program to encourage and cultivate a culture of learning, leadership, and self-improvement among members who apply.  Monthly sessions are designed to engage members in meaningful business activities aligned with Traction and methodology, our core values, and short and long-term company goals, encouraging thoughtful discussion and a more strategic way of thinking.  Through skill-building exercises that strengthen problem-solving, communication, and facets of Emotional Intelligence, TLA members gain useful tools and perspective to demonstrate leadership among their peers and within their roles.

TLA was creatively thought from the idea that we are facing a crisis as an industry.  With our baby boomers beginning to exit, how do we begin to transfer knowledge across generations?  How do we begin shaping future leaders at the department, company, and industry level?  Unique to the agency level, TLA not only begins to address shared industry challenges, but also creates the platform to collaborate, explore perspectives outside our own, and find solutions to both obstacles and opportunities across the agency.

We are extremely pleased with the outcome of our first graduating class from TLA and our Alumni feel the same way!