Builders Risk Insurance Wholesaler

What can a builders risk insurance wholesaler do for insurance agencies?

Builders risk insurance is essential for mitigating financial liabilities during construction projects. When unforeseen challenges force construction companies to delay or cease work, it could provide valuable protection against any financial consequences. Working with a builders risk insurance wholesaler could help agencies secure large construction companies as clients, which usually need many additional coverages.

Builders risk insurance gives liability protections for covered construction delays. Contractors require customized coverage, so it’s important to work with a builders risk insurance wholesaler that has multiple options.

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Builders Risk Insurance Wholesaler

What types of businesses purchase builders risk coverage?

Builders risk coverage is primary purchased by larger construction companies. These companies primarily work on commercial, industrial, government and special-use buildings. The contracts these companies enter into frequently require the coverage.

Occasionally, smaller contractors might also want this coverage. This is less common, though.

Offering builders risk can help agencies gain larger construction companies as clients. These companies usually have many and varied coverage requirements. 

What does builders risk insurance cover during construction?

Builders risk insurance mainly covers assets, often including equipment, materials and completed work, that are at a construction site. Specific assets that might be covered are:

  • Structures currently under construction
  • Finished structures
  • Major machinery and equipment
  • Common and specialized tools
  • Construction materials and supplies


What structures are covered by a particular policy can vary. Agents should be familiar with the terms of these policies, so they can help construction companies find a policy that covers the structures they need it to.

Builders Risk Insurance Wholesaler

What types of construction projects are eligible for builders risk insurance?

A diverse array of large-scale commercial construction projects can benefit from builders risk insurance, such as:

  • Apartment complexes
  • Housing developments
  • Gated residential communities
  • Retail stores and malls
  • Office buildings
  • Industrial sites
  • Warehouses and storage facilities
  • Public infrastructure projects
  • Special-use projects (e.g. schools, hospitals)


In some cases, landscapers might also get coverage for major work they’re doing.

Moreover, coverage can usually be used to insure new construction, major renovation or expansion of these properties. 

Do contractors get builders risk coverage for single-family homes?

Contractors who build single-family homes don’t often get this coverage, although they might if building luxury homes. Developers that are putting in new communities frequently do need coverage.

Do subcontractors get builders risk coverage?

Subcontractors working on large commercial projects may need builders risk coverage. Whether they purchase coverage depends on the amount of work they’re doing, and whether their agreement with the general contractor requires it.

What are the primary risks covered by builders risk insurance?

Builders risk insurance may safeguard construction projects against numerous risks such as adverse weather, lightning, water damage, fire, smoke, vandalism, theft and other perils.

Can builders risk coverage be extended for construction delays?

Many builders risk policies can be extended one time if there’s a significant delay. Fewer policies can be extended multiple times. If multiple extensions are needed, it’s often necessary to find a new policy (which may have different rates or terms).

Agents should be familiar with how many times the policies they offer can be extended.

What other coverages can agencies offer with builders risk coverage?

Builders risk coverage can be complemented by a wide range of other protections. Many construction companies needing this insurance also may need general liability, commercial property, commercial auto, inland marine, equipment and umbrella coverages, among others. Workers compensation is frequently needed, too.

Where can agencies find a builders risk insurance wholesaler?

To speak with a builders risk insurance wholesaler, connect with us at Telamon Insurance. Our team has helped many insurance agencies find product lines that set them apart, and we can assist yours too.

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