Amplifying Culture

Introducing Kaleena Murray, our very first Chief Culture Officer!

Five years ago, we decided to transform our Company Culture- creating an intentional culture by design.

Fast forward to now- we are excited to announce the promotion of Kaleena Murray to Chief Culture Officer at Telamon Insurance Network. Kaleena joined Telamon almost 9 years ago as our receptionist with no insurance background. With a Master’s Degree in Education and a diverse background in Education and Mental Health, she brings a unique perspective when it comes to “all things culture.”

Kaleena’s primary focus is on driving company culture and employee experience, including internal communication, engagement, and the professional development of Telamon Employees. Kaleena’s personable and friendly nature, and dedication to the company make her the perfect catalyst to ensure a shared set of attitudes and values across our organization.

We feel that a primary focus on culture helps us take care of our employees, which drives the exceptional customer service we provide for our clients. With our Chief Culture Officer role, open-door management policy, accountability, and plenty of perks for our team- we aim to be better than yesterday and be better tomorrow. We are constantly improving ourselves to exceed our client’s expectations while creating an environment where our employees feel fulfilled and purposeful at work, connected to our vision, and balanced in their lives.

You can check out the evolution of our culture here.

Our Culture, Your Experience