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Annie Monforte

Senior Associate Account Executiveamonforte@telamonins.com 617-614-1217

Ariana Ramos

DIRECTOR OF BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT aramos@telamonins.com 617-614-1216

Ashlee Berghuys

Associate Account Executiveaberghuys@telamonins.com 617-614-1227

Celime Nasser

Support Specialist, Client Care Teamcnasser@telamonins.com 617-614-1290

Diane Sheedy

Executive Vice Presidentdbsheedy@telamonins.com 617-614-1214

Eileen Driscoll

Senior Support Specialist, Client Care Teamedriscoll@telamonins.com 617-614-1244

Greg M. Susco

President & Chief Operating Officergsusco@telamonins.com 617-614-1229

Jillian Peterson

HR Specialistjpeterson@telamonins.com 617-614-1215

John Snyder

President, Employee Benefits Practicejsnyder@telamonins.com 617-614-1269

Kaleena Murray

Chief Culture Officerkmurray@telamonins.com 617-614-1302

Karen Keady

Accounting & Financekkeady@telamonins.com 617-614-1226

Katie Glennon

Marketing and Communications CoordinatorKglennon@telamonins.com 617-614-1262

Kelly Glennon

Support Specialist, Client Care Teamkrglennon@telamonins.com 617-614-1267

Kevin Mallory

VP of Financekmallory@telamonins.com 617-614-1219

Lauren Wiggin

Staff Accountantlwiggin@telamonins.com 617-614-1249

Madison Waldo

Associate Account Executive, Client Care Teammwaldo@telamonins.com 617-614-1265

Margaret Bleakney

Senior Support Specialist - Client Care Teammbleakney@telamonins.com 617-614-1263

Melissa Nord

Client Care Team Managermnord@telamonins.com 617-614-1206

Michael J. Susco

Chairman & Chief Executive OfficerSzczuczki@telamonins.com 617-614-1210

Nancy Sleek

Senior Account Executivensleek@telamonins.com 617-614-1207

Sarah Castillo

Senior Account Executive - New Business Team Leadscastillo@telamonins.com 617-614-1220

Suzanne Jackowski

Director of Middle Market Placementsjackowski@telamonins.com 617-614-1258

Tom Murray

Director of Broker Servicestmurray@telamonins.com 617-614-1261

Tori Schryver

Senior Support Specialist, Client Care Teamvschryver@telamonins.com 617-614-1295

Tricia Ducey

Senior Account Executivetducey@telamonins.com 617-614-1248

Wanda Yee

Administrative Assistantwyee@telamonins.com 617-614-1259
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