About Telamon Insurance

A Cutting-Edge Approach

While Telamon Insurance & Financial Network has existed since 1977, our company is anything but a typical, staid insurance firm satisfied to continue in a never-ending status quo. In 2014, we made a conscious decision to shake things up by embracing a new operating methodology. It’s a forward-thinking operational style which focuses on an employee’s role within the company rather than a title, where every voice is heard, and where each and every member of the team can achieve rock star status.

With the operational changes now firmly in place, everyone – working at all levels of the company – has the opportunity to effect change. Suggestions on how to improve what we do are not suppressed; they are sought, with fresh ideas as likely to be bandied about at weekly departmental meetings as they are over an IPA on draft in the lounge. Goals are not set among upper management in closed-door meetings only to remain a mystery to the majority of the company. They are shared openly at monthly Team Rallies and weekly team meetings in which everyone participates. With employee incentives at Telamon based on company-wide – rather than personal – performance, it only makes sense that every member of the team be aware of goals, and given the opportunity to have their input considered.

When Telamon moved into its Westwood offices in 2015, we also included elements in our physical location which are designed to foster a sense of inclusion. The height of the walls dividing employee workspaces was lowered to encourage constant communication. We provide twice-weekly deliveries of fresh food from Lean Box. And there are, in fact, a couple of craft-brewed beers on draft in the lounge. There are a couple of shuffleboard tables too, and a garage-door which we throw open on nice days to fill the space with fresh air. Can we add that we have a quiet room for employees to decompress, stretch or do a little yoga at any time during their day that they need to reenergize?

So what, you may wonder, is the point to all of this?

What we do – manage business insurance, employee benefits and HR support – can actually be a bit staid. It is, after all, about numbers and regulations. But what we’re ultimately doing is protecting people, and their assets, and we do it with care. To be successful in our business, to provide the correct product to the right client, requires an engaging personality, a vast amount of knowledge, the ability to master ever-changing technology, and exceptional problem-solving skills. For our clients to have the best possible experience, and for our company to grow, we need people with razor-sharp minds who are able to embrace change. Our company, and our clients, benefit by our attracting and retaining the insurance industry’s very best people.

Because we have such a dynamic group of experienced industry professionals, our clients enjoy a higher level of service, often working with the same team member for many years. And because we encourage – expect, really – our team to share their opinions and ideas, we are able to identify a potential issue before it arises.

Exceeding our clients’ expectations while encouraging our employees to be fulfilled at work, and enjoy a sense of balance in their lives, is at the heart of what we do.

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