About Telamon Insurance

Our Culture, Your Experience

The culture at Telamon – our shared values, practices, and beliefs – feeds into the way we advocate for you. The soul of our organization is reflected in our values, the stories we tell, and our collective mindset to achieve our vision of making the complex simple to better protect you and your clients assets with care.

We put our core values into action here at Telamon to pursue an engaging and encouraging work culture, striving for constant improvement. We want to feel good about where we come to work, empowering every member of our team to serve our brokers like the rock stars you are.

In 2014, we launched Traction, a practical business methodology that has changed the way we interact, communicate, and achieve growth over time. This significant turning point in our culture has become the root of your rock star customer experience, helping us to help you better and more passionately every day.

  • 2014: our journey of self-discovery begins. We decide what makes us different: we are your relentless advocates. We make the complex simple to help you best. That means becoming more conversational, collaborative, and solution-focused than ever.
  • 2015: our passion for protecting you and your assets requires a certain kind of person to be a successful part of our team, so we make people part of our goals through our Telamon Leadership Academy program, always looking to promote from within. Telamon Leadership Academy becomes an integral piece of how we engage and grow our committed team members to be the next generation of leaders connected to our greater vision.
  • November 2015: our new office opens! With an open concept, inviting space, and awesome perks (beer on tap, a beautiful café, and fresh food delivery, just to name a few), the space itself is designed to foster a sense of collaboration and inclusion.
  • 2016: we implement monthly rallies in our café to recap goals, highlight department achievements, and recognize hard work and our workiversaries!
  • 2017: we’re awarded a Workforce Training Grant that lets us provide robust professional development skills and training to our employees, along with giving us the tools to introduce a coaching program. We begin Culture in Review surveys to strengthen feedback loops and take action on that feedback – because our team knows best what helps us help you.
  • June 2017: we establish Client Care Team, which changes the way we provide rock star service to both our internal and external customers. CCT also provides new opportunities for industry newcomers to gain knowledge, experience, and continual growth in all facets of our agency.
  • 2018: we launch the Amplified brand, along with CREW!, our new Culture Relationship Engagement Workforce. Taking our Fun Committee to the next level, CREW elevates the experience of our employees to make Amplified a kick-ass place to work.

Why we do it…

Because we have such a dynamic group of experienced industry professionals, our brokers enjoy a higher level of service. A primary focus on our culture helps us take care of our employees, which drives the exceptional customer service we provide for you. With our new Chief Culture Officer role, open-door management policy fostering new ideas, transparency, and accountability, and plenty of perks for our team, we strive to be better than yesterday and be better tomorrow. We are constantly evolving to exceed your expectations while creating an environment where our employees feel fulfilled and purposeful at work, connected to our vision, and balanced in their lives.

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